Working with Briana has given me a completely different and beautiful way of looking at food.  I originally came to her for help with food as it related to weight loss.  Yes, I did lose weight – and quite quickly too.  But that was only one result of Briana’s nutritional advice.  Little did I know that I would also be cured of the frequent migraines I was experiencing, menstrual cramps, and irregular sleeping patterns.  With Briana’s teaching, I learned that food can be healing.  And her simple but tasty recipes made the process that much more enjoyable.  Plus, she’s a joy to talk with and she was always available for advice and encouragement.  I will be forever thankful to Briana for helping me walk a lifelong path to better and lasting health.



Briana Ryan is not just a chef. She is not just a friend. She is not just a wellness coach.

She is all of that combined, and more.
I met Bri many years ago in a professional that she has now left in order to pursue her passions.  I’ve always known her to be extremely kind, open hearted, sensitive, intelligent, passionate and driven. Coming out of a particularly difficult phase of depression and anxiety, I knew I needed help to get back on my feet. I had heard that she was helping people with food, lifestyle, etc and I just reached out to her.  I knew, (because I have known her for so long) that she would want to help me, and that shewould help me. I also knew that because she took the huge risk of actually following her dream and pursuing her passions, that her heart would be 100% in it.
Over the next 6 months or so, Bri did just that – she helped me get my life back and she put her heart 100% in it. We not only talked about food, we talked about all areas of my life that needed attention. We set goals (some of which I met, others I did not not, and that’s ok), we chatted, we laughed, we shopped together, we cooked together, we did a lot.
It’s hard to sum up what I’ve learned from her, but here goes: I’ve learned that I deserve to be happy and healthy in every way possible. I’ve learned that it takes work to truly take care of myself, but that it can be enjoyable and even wonderful. I’ve learned that I can make it as simple and easy as I want, or as complicated and difficult as I want.
My time with Bri ran out sooner than I thought it would, and I really miss having constant contact with such an amazing, giving, insightful person. Her knowledge base is incredible and I wish I could just transfer everything from her brain into my own..or just hire her full time, for the rest of my life!
I cannot say enough good things about Bri.

Dana Belben

Writer + Singer

I live in NY and hired Bri to coach and teach my vegan adult children in California. Now she is providing me with nutritional guidance long distance via Skype. Bri’s recipes are delicious and easy to make. Even my carnivore hubby and 11 year old are loving our meals. Bri goes above and beyond – she really cares! She is my nutrtional guru and I feel like she is also my life coach/cheerleader. I am thrilled beyond measure. You will be quite fortunate if Bri is in your life.

Marcy Donahue

I thought that a picture of my kitchen table would be a great way to begin my testimonial. Since I became a grandmother of three, I began thinking about my health more often. I was introduced to the lovely Briana by my daughter. She explained what Briana’s life work is and her concern for the health of others. After a few over the phone LA/St. Louis conversations, I began receiving emails with wonderful easy healthy recipes. I lost a little weight, eliminated  some “habit” foods and additives, and resumed my walks, which ranged from four to seven mile treks around my home area.
I felt so much better about myself and my health maladies improved. I could write a lot more but I wouldn’t have time to mention Briana’s additional input through shared videos and articles about different topics on what we consume that contribute to mental and physical wellbeing as well as ways to mentally feed your body in order to keep the mind more alert and ease stress. Kudos to Bri for being patient with me as well. I hope the new year will bring us together again soon!

Rhonda Cole

Tirelessly dedicated & supportive Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Homemaker

I am a high school senior and for my school all seniors have a year long project they must do for their final year. My topic being healthy eating, Briana became my mentor and guided me through everything. Because I had never even cooked before, Briana took her time and taught me so much. My knowledge on anything food related was beyond lacking and the days I’ve spent with her I have learned so much! Her studio apartment makes you feel comfortable and at home. I have never met such a dedicated, patient and passionate person as Briana. I am so happy to have had her share her knowledge of healthy eating, recipes and cooking skills with me. She really knows what she’s doing. I am more than grateful to have shared such an experience with her!

Hripsime Khachatryan

High School Senior

I consider myself a fairly healthy and organized person. I just wanted a few tips here and there, but I honestly didn’t think there was TOO much Bri could do to improve my kitchen. Bri literally went through every shelf, cleaning, removing expired and unhealthy options, and giving me amazing alternatives along the way. At the end of the 4 hour session, my kitchen was a completely new place with NO clutter. I could clearly see everything I had in the pantry, and the entire kitchen was reorganized in a way that made so much more sense. She also gave me some easy recipe ideas that turned out to be delicious. I just loved the entire experience. Bri is a wonderful and caring person and it felt great being around her.

Julie Garfield


Briana is a culinary goddess. In just a few hours, she effortlessly transformed the contents of my refrigerator into a healthy and delectable feast. She guided me in preparing whole grains, vegetables, and sauces that my family devoured and taught me how to thoughtfully and efficiently plan our meals for the week. Her knowledge is a lifetime gift that I am so happy to share with my family.

Carolyn Fernandez


If you are looking for alternatives to the fat-heavy, carb-loaded “American Diet” – alternatives that are as tasty as they are healthy – listen to Briana Ryan! She has cracked the code of making the serious business of nutrition both fun and informative. I love her commitment to liberating the kitchen, pantry and dining room table from the processed sugars, salts and other ingredients that are slowly eroding our health. Listen to Briana, your body, mind and taste-buds will thank you for it!

Will Finn

Director & Story Artist, Feature Animation

Briana has been a lifesaver. Her food has been so amazing – she makes incredibly healthy food taste better than the fatty food I usually crave. Her sauces can wake up any vegetable and she can handle any food challenge (gluten-free among them). Its not easy to combine really healthy with really tasty and she does it brilliantly.

Laurie Goldberg

Group EVP of PR, Discovery Channel, Science & Velocity

We hired Briana to cater an event and we could not have been happier. We told her what we wanted and she came up with a creative and healthy menu, working through it with us step by step. The night of the event she arrived early in a cloud of spices to set up all the food on her beautiful dishes. Our guests – healthy oriented and not – went crazy for her cashew nacho dip, her sweet potato falafel, and her divine eggplant salad. I am still dreaming of her food. Number one resolution for 2015: take one of Briana’s cooking classes.

Hilary MacGregor

Writer and mother in Hollywood

I don’t know what kind of magic dust Bri puts in her food — our kids won’t eat salads or other healthy dishes when we make them, but they’ll go for seconds and thirds when Bri does. It’s kind of annoying. And when she catered my birthday party, even the carnivores were going back for seconds and asking  for the recipes. Except Bri’s main ingredients can’t be duplicated – for her, creating perfect food is not just about the perfect ingredients, it’s also about love and energy.

Mark Staufer

Screenwriter, Author, Podcaster, Radio Show Host, MarkStaufer.com

I am writing to recommend Briana Ryan who has worked as my Health Coach this past year. Since our initial consultation, she has proven herself to be an out-of-the-box thinker when suggesting and providing recipes of different types. She has helped our family transition towards a more vegetarian based diet while keeping two small children interested in trying unique foods. When I started working with Briana, I only knew how to use vegetarian based cuisines as side dishes, but have come a long way since then. Owing to her initiative and expertise, we were able to introduce Indian, French and raw-based cuisines to our menu over the last year which brought about a great increase in our interest to make home cooked meals. She has developed a love of making new creations within my children. Many nights when we sit down to dinner together, the children ask if this is a Briana recipe! Briana is simply great to work with and she is extremely easy to get along with. She makes it a point to encourage your personal growth and consciously speaks about understanding your own emotional needs. Needless to say, this has helped our family to stay focused on organizing the little changes to ultimately reach our larger goal. Briana makes you feel special and confident in your ability to make lifestyle changes. If given the opportunity to work with Briana again, I would be delighted to have her help me continue to push the envelope in developing a diverse culinary palate. I strongly recommend Briana as a competent and knowledgeable Health Coach and wish her best of luck in her future endeavors.

Tami De Luca Dorry

Founding Partner, Wedgetailblue Promotions

I genuinely did not believe that vegetarian/vegan meals could be so satisfying and delicious- until I had the pleasure of meeting Briana Ryan. Not only is Brianna creative, hardworking, and incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition- she brings authenticity, patience, and passion for helping people make positive life changes. What we put in our bodies really does affect the way that we feel and therefore live. If you’re looking for a health coach, I highly recommend Briana.

Allyson Reilly

Actress. Writer. Recovering perfectionist.

I had the pleasure of attending a Kundalini yoga retreat where Bri was the Head Chef and lavished upon us the most nourishing, delicious food a girl could ever hope for. There were 12 of us there and I’m pretty positive each one of us asked for the recipe for every meal she cooked.  Fresh organic herbs and spices flavored her sauces and dressings and enhanced whatever organic locally farmed veggies she chose making them shine.  Every dish felt like it was medicine for the body and soul and I can’t sing praises for Bri’s cooking skills enough.   I’m hoping she comes up with a cookbook soon so I can attempt to replicate her magic! 🙂

Mareesa Stertz

Director. DP., The Seeing Machine

Briana Ryan is a skilled chef and educator specializing in plant-based and healing cuisine. She recently came into our home and made a very powerful impact. Due to our family’s hectic lifestyle, mealtime in our household for several years has been very reactionary.  The easiest and not always the healthiest thing would be on the menu most days. Chef Briana was able to come in and “reboot” our kitchen and provide us with a nourishing menu of plant-based meals that were so delicious and restorative to our bodies and souls. My youngest child has many dietary restrictions and she was able to come up with tasty choices for him as well as my meat-eating husband (whom loved all the vegan meals because they were so delicious!).  She is truly gifted in her field and has really inspired our family to make healthier choices on a daily basis. I have also attended her cooking classes which our extremely informative and a fun way to hang out with your girlfriends! She is an invaluable addition to any family seeking to live a more healthful lifestyle.

Nancy Covello

Former Film Development Executive & Current Super Mom

I’m originally from Missouri, so being a midwestern girl, my cooking repertoire mostly consisted of meat and potatoes. When I moved to Los Angeles, I adapted my diet to include healthier and “hippie” items. However, I was never really properly taught how to cook them. Briana has always given me helpful diet advice and tips, but when I took her class, my cooking ability jumped to the next level. Not only did I learn some delicious healthy vegan dishes, but Briana took the time to work with me on the most basic of skills, like how to properly hold a knife and chop correctly. I know it sounds silly that my food preparation abilities were so lacking, but Briana was professional and patient as I caught up. I’ve carried my newfound skills and healthier food knowledge into my daily cooking. I feel much more informed both in shopping for ingredients as well as preparing dishes. I cannot recommend Briana highly enough. Her knowledge of holistic cooking is exceptional, and her ability to instruct others, even the most inexperienced, is encouraging.

Sarah DiSanti

Film Editor

Bri is a lifesaver. Not only did she completely reorganize my kitchen and clean out the mess, she also helped me to understand why certain ingredients were unhealthy and what the healthier alternatives were. And the alternatives she suggested are totally feasible and surprisingly delicious. She understands that I’m incredibly busy and helped me to figure out better choices that work with my lifestyle. Her food was amazing and most importantly, my daughter loved it… and she never knew how good it was for her!

Stephanie Eno

Executive Producer / Network Executive

We love Briana’s food!  Briana catered a political fundraiser at our home and by the end — everyone wanted her card.  Her food is elegant and delicious, sophisticated, imaginative — great new takes on old classics.  We will definitely hire her again!

Jonathan Fernandez


I hired Bri to cook for my 40th birthday dinner. All I can say is “wow”. The food was amazing. Beautifully presented and incredible to eat. Amazing food, cooked with love and served by a one of life’s true sweethearts.

Adam Hudson

CEO, Firestarter Videos

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